How To Make Money On Amazon

How To Make Money On Amazon: Super Simple Tips To Earn More

When it comes to making money on Amazon, you can use many different strategies. You can create a professional-looking author page to sell your eBooks, create a professional-looking product page to sell your physical products and start with a free course on something you find interesting. These strategies are simple and effective and will help you generate more sales. Let’s get started!

Ebook/bookseller: Create a professional-looking author page


When you publish your eBook on Amazon, it’s easy for the page to look unprofessional with how it’s currently set up. However, your author page must look professional if you want to make money from this venture and be taken seriously as a writer. Here are some tips for creating a good-looking book page:

  • Make sure that your cover image is eye-catching and professional looking. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a designer or photographer; plenty of free options are available online. Remember not to use copyrighted images without permission; Amazon will take them down immediately.
  • Please include a short bio about yourself and links offsite (for example, my website). This info is optional but could help readers decide whether or not they want to buy something from someone they’ve never heard of before. Plus, it gives them an excuse not only why they should give money but also why they might feel comfortable doing so!
  • Include links within Amazon and outside sources like social media profiles. People who want more information about authors can easily find it before deciding whether to purchase anything besides just one ebook written by one person.

Physical product seller: Create a professional-looking product page to sell your physical products

how to make money on amazon. Create a professional-looking product page.

A professional-looking product page is the most important part of your Amazon listing. This is where you tell people why they should buy your product and how it works.

This section will walk you through creating a professional-looking product page for your physical products on Amazon.

Let’s start by importing an image into the Amazon listing software and then converting that image into an HTML template with placeholder text for keywords and descriptions.

Digital product seller: Create a professional-looking sale product page

How to make money on amazon. Create a professional-looking sale product page.


Creating a high-quality sale page is an effective way to drive sales. If you have a professional-looking product page, people will be more likely to buy your products. To create a professional looking sale product page:

  • Use high-quality images of your products. High-quality images are essential in getting people excited about what they’re buying and making them feel confident that they made the right decision by purchasing from you. You can use Photoshop or any other photo editing software to improve the image quality of your product photos before uploading them on Amazon’s website. It looks better than mobile phones or cameras without professional lenses (iPhones included).
  • Use video testimonials from previous customers who have used the product successfully. Their voices (and faces) appear the next time potential customers visit their screen, making them more trustworthy sources for potential buyers’ decisions about whether or not this particular product will work for them too!
  • Use calls-to-action buttons such as “add now”/”buy now” instead of leaving users hanging with plain text links because studies show that CTAs increase conversion rates by up to 80%, so why not try adding something extra to yours?

Set aside time every week or month, just like most entrepreneurs do, since there’s always room for improvement when discussing marketing strategies!

Online training sellers: Start with a free course on something you find interesting.

how to make money on amazon. start with Udemy online courses

You can start by creating a free course. A free course is a collection of lessons on one topic. The idea is to create short videos or other media (like ebooks) and then offer them free to students interested in learning more about the subject. When you’ve created your first set of lessons, you can list them on Udemy and iTunesU, where thousands of people search for new classes daily. By taking this approach, you’ll be able to create an income stream without charging for any of your content upfront!


These strategies are simple and effective. They can be used by anyone with a passion for writing, creating products or teaching others about something they love. 


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